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Friends of Skálholt Summer Concerts

The society of Friends of Skálholt Summer Concerts was established in 2006. It was Sigurður Halldórsson who initiated it when he was artistic director. The Friends of Skálholt Summer Concerts  take on various tasks to support the smooth running of the festival, e.g. helping with promotion by hanging up posters and distributing brochures, they introduce the concerts with practical information and assist in receiving artists from abroad. 

The Friends of Skálholt Summer Concerts receive a lot in return. It's a great pleasure to get to know the artists and gain some insight into their work, being part of the society surrounding the Summer Concerts in Skálholt and feeling that we are really contributing. 

The current board consists of:
Helga M. Ögmundsdóttir, chair.
Heiðrún Hákonardóttir, secretary.
Þorkell Helgason, cashier.
Bernharður Guðmundsson, Geirþrúður Sighvatsdóttir and Reynir Axelsson, members of the board. 

Even though there is a cashier on the board, there’s no membership fee. If you are interested to learn more about the Friends of Skálholt Summer Concerts, please contact the chair Helga M. Ögmundsdóttir at

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